Al Fannar Petroleum is a leading provider of integrated services to the Sultanate’s strategic sectors. We support our customers to unlock the potential of their assets by bringing in additional value to their business.  Al Fanar Petroleum Oil Trading Co LLC is a commercial company. The Company was incorporated to pursue investment opportunities in the energy sector both inside and outside Oman. Through participation in energy and energy related projects, the Company plays an important role in the Sultanate’s efforts to diversify the Omani economy and to promote Omani and foreign private sector direct investment & promote advance technology .


  • Develop Omani talent – business leaders and professionals.
  • Maximize value from Oman’s Resources through its contributions to Oman Economy.
  • Develop and invest in energy related industries including trading within Oman and internationally.
  • Add Value to Country’s vision of developing Omani local Community through its ICV and SME.

Within the Sultanate, the Company is focused on the development of oil and gas-based industries and other energy and energy related projects in partnership with international industry players capturing the value chain in the oil and gas sector.


Our strength is to develop and create strategic economic and business relationship through which we can help our   customers develop their resources by bringing world class capability and delivering it locally.

We promote local & international commercial arrangements that are key to sector growth & strongly aligned to our customers’ needs, allowing us to deliver more value to the customer while increasing the returns from our most valuable asset – our young   Omani aspiring talent content.

Training and promoting value creation through talent development will be our one of the top business priorities short and medium term, focusing on industrial engineering for the young Omani talents , who can be tomorrows future of the growing Omani economy.


Our business is all about creating a value for our customers, our people, and we are committed to attracting and retaining the best talent and providing the appropriate support frameworks to enable them to work successfully as part of our Group.

Our values are very clear and they highlight what Al Fannar represents and stands for. We want to be closely associated and be part of the journey of economic growth what sultanate is thriving for.


Al Fanar Petroleum has strategically planned to strengthen its activity  by combining  its  capabilities and  creating a  value chain service offerings  to its customers to maximize their relationship and value  through combing its Design & Engineering service , Planed Engineering Construction (EPC) and expanding its  reach by  creating sector wise focus  in utility, green energy , Oil and Gas . Our reach now how in the sector is excellent, and we are very confident that the business will continue to have great prospects going forward.
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